Tshidi Madia28 January 2024 | 13:40

BOSA to raise teachers' salaries, limit union power at schools if elected

During its 2024 election manifesto launch, party leader Mmusi Maimane mooted an education overhaul.

BOSA to raise teachers' salaries, limit union power at schools if elected

Build One South Africa (BOSA) launched its 2024 election manifesto on Sunday, 28 January. Picture: X/BOSA

JOHANNESBURG - Build One South Africa (BOSA) has proposed a complete overhaul of the country’s education system. 

The overhaul would include raising teacher salaries and getting rid of life orientation.

This is part of the political party's offering to the electorate ahead of the 2024 national and provincial elections, which will be taking place in the coming months.

BOSA launched its elections manifesto in Johannesburg on Sunday afternoon. 

Its leader Mmusi Maimane said the current state of education in the country demands urgent intervention.

He also called for the establishment of an independent education ombud and an inspector general of education to ensure there’s accountability and to address issues of corruption.  

Maimane said it was important to attract young talent to the teaching profession and limit the power of unions at schools.

He said teachers deserved better pay. 

"We want to raise salaries for teachers, I want our teachers to be paid well, I am tired of teachers who leave the profession because they can’t earn enough. I would like for the best maths and science teachers to stay in the profession so that they can teach our young people."