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MK Party to outshine EFF in elections - poll

The MKP is causing other political parties, particularly the EFF, to rethink their strategy, says elections analyst Sanusha Naidu.

MK Party to outshine EFF in elections - poll

uMkhonto WeSizwe (MK) Party members celebrate on 26 March 2024, after the Electoral Court dismissed the ANC's application to have the party deregistered. Picture: Thabiso Goba/Eyewitness News

John Maytham interviews Sanusha Naidu, an analyst at the Institute for Global Dialogue.

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Support for the ANC in South Africa is declining. A recent survey suggests that the MK Party, led by ex-President Jacob Zuma, might become the nation's third most prominent party following the upcoming election.

According to the Social Research Foundation's poll, the ruling party may only secure around 39% of the vote.

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The survey suggests the MK Party could surpass the EFF.

The poll doesn't predict the future election outcome but offers a glimpse of the present situation, explains Naidu.

She stresses that the increasing influence of the MK Party is compelling other parties, such as the EFF, to reassess their ground strategy to understand what makes the MK Party appealing to voters.

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"It's so highly speculative right now because the political landscape is so unpredictable and volatile."
- Sanusha Naidu, Analyst – Institute for Global Dialogue
"The MKP is causing the other political parties to rethink their ground strategy."
- Sanusha Naidu, Analyst – Institute for Global Dialogue

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